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The voice of hopeless dreamers, tireless idealists, and impractical romantics. Get to know my story.

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My Story

I’m like you: Ridiculed for being a dreamer my entire life.

My passion for adventure ever since childhood pushed me to explore the boundaries of imagination. There was something deeply adventurous, utopic, and perhaps spiritual about setting off into the great unknown. What had begun as reading the works of Jules Verne eventually grew into psychedelic exploration and altered states of consciousness.

As Terence McKenna would say, if you think the Universe is mundane, if you think there are no more frontiers to cross, no more adventures to be had, I’m telling you that you’re wrong.

I have been to the Center of the Earth. I have ventured below charcoal maps of great explorers, records superficially hollow in comparison to my voyage.
― A quote from JBE, Volume 1

After years, I arrived at the simplest conclusion: Your imagination can be touched. Your imagination is real. In fact, it’s the most real thing you’ll encounter in your life. As an inveterate voyager and writer, I set to fulfill the sole intention of my work: To let you touch that inexplicable beauty in some way, too. That’s where metafiction comes into play.

I worked on the first volume of Journeys Beyond Earth, twelve metafictional short stories, from July 2020. I published it five months later in December. During my mental exploration, I discovered that altering your consciousness before reading has astonishing implications on imagination.

Adventuring into the mind became the kernel of my work.

It’s baffling what my imagination was capable of. Simply by mixing music, a fine-tuned text, and the right book genre (i.e. metafiction), I could travel wherever I wanted by altering my consciousness. Mindventure, metaphysical fiction, or whatever you want to call it, is all about creating a magical atmosphere around you.

Therefore, to maximize its vividness, each writing introduces the voluntary option to use mind-expanding compounds. Journeys Beyond Earth are adapted to be read while high as well as sober – whichever the reader prefers. If you seek to bask in your mystical, dreamy, spiritual, and idealistic nature, my metafictional short stories are for you.

You must want to believe. Like an amazed child. There’s no way around this in metafiction.

As a reader, you are the most precious element to each story’s puzzle. Your role is to read, while mine is to construct these words. In each writing, I constantly remind you we are one inseparable awareness; one life experiencing itself; one pair of eyes bringing the text to life.

Journeys Beyond Earth transcends the here and now into a deeper universal truth, and is characterized by an intangible mysticism that embeds itself in the written word. The expansion of your mind is what drives the plot. (Excited yet?)

Hopefully, each writing will destine you to a vivid and childlike place where imagination will only grow to be your monastery and you its monk.

Your experience is the most fulfilling reward.

Nothing is more rewarding than hearing from you how one of my metaphysical fiction writings took you on a wild ride. That’s what we do here: I create vivid dreams for you to enjoy while awake.

As I use to say, I am a humble fisherman. I fish for words and make sure your imagination is fed. The rest is up to you. How my work tastes depends on your willingness to experience something beautiful.

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination. What the imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth, whether it existed before or not.
― John Keats

My writing background dates back to 2006, when I wrote my first story as a five-year-old.

I live in the Czech Republic, where I’m at work on yearly volumes of Journeys Beyond Earth. Whether you are a business, and individual, or my faithful reader, you can always contact me, and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re an outlier too, come join me. You’re not alone. We are a tribe.

Vladimir Hlocky

My Books

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