A Not-So Distant Dream

by | Blog Insights

I have a dream of waking up in a world where you get something more than just pleasure from reading.

In this world, books aren’t just pitiful lines of text. Although they have no lips, they have a profound way of speaking to your heart.

In this world, books are gateways to your wildest dreams. Whenever you open one up, a world full of wonders arises — and stimulates not only your eyes, but overwhelms all of your senses. Music rushes to your aid, the book’s story soothes you, it almost feels like being touched by your own imagination. You become immersed in a self-created paradise. The outside world falls apart.

In this world, you are recognized as an intrigued traveler, a daring child who seeks to experience thrill and adventure. Because of its curiosity and innocence, it’s able to enjoy the story for what it truly is: a real-time voyage unfolding before their eyes. Free of presumptions, it can fully dive in.

I have a dream of waking up in this world — and I want you to be there with me when I make the leap. This is a world for both of us.