Journeys Beyond Earth: Volume I

Dreamlike, idealistic, and alluring short stories that transport you into a surreal realm of beauty. Touch your soul simply by reading.

journeys beyond earth volume 1 paperback

About The Book

What if reading a short story felt like going on a space trip? In Journeys Beyond Earth, the stories are equipped with the right tools to move you, immerse you, and overwhelm you.

Have you ever felt like there’s “more” to imagination?

“Get real,” everyone said. “Stop being naïve. You’re too idealistic. You’re impractical. There’s no place for your daydreaming.” But what if you were right all along?

This book calls upon every tireless dreamer and idealist:

You matter. You are fascinating. You are true. Let me show you how good and real your imagination is. Each story is a reflection for your mind, a warm blanket for your heart.

Detailed instructions before reading

You get a “how-to” for each writing. For instance, this means handpicked music, how to relax and intensify your imagination, and even the voluntary option to alter your consciousness to skyrocket your immersion.

What is required to read this book?

  • Extreme open-mindedness

  • Literacy (duh…)

  • 100% responsibility

  • Passion for the universe!

Mindventure — adventure into your mind by combining a dreamlike story, beautiful music, vivid language, and more.

What’s inside


12 Short Stories

For 12 travels beyond


Detailed Instructions

For a blissful experience


Metafictional arc

Be a part of the stories


Evocative Language

Draws you into the story


Prepared Setting

For each & every chapter


Expand Your Mind




In a weathered closet, I saw a universe of irredeemable beauty. My eyes misted over in joy; hardly could I hold the rivers back. A galactic invitation stood in my room.

When I looked closer, I noticed an alliance of galaxies. They mysteriously floated apart, spinning like whirligigs, yet made no sound. They reminded me of cornflakes scattered in milk, unattended and already moist: I wondered where has the child gone from the breakfast. But strapped in a seat, my soul could only venture deeper into the universe, into the story, into the ever-present unfolding of life which is happening now.

… Continues in the library



Remarkable stories don’t have to come in chapters. They can have the same impact on a few pages. Read everything for free in my library.


An Introduction

I don't want to come out of the wonders that your stories brought me to. It's like a light switch to becoming at peace again. You can't even put a price on it. It was beautiful.

Victoria Utzig

You absolutely nailed your life purpose man. You found the perfect niche. I read about what you do before, but now I tried it, and I'm speechless. This was an amazing experience that I never had before.

User BlackMaze from

The realm it creates sits somewhere between the reader and writer, and comes alive with its own breath. Bravo to you.

Justin Phillips

Metaphysical fiction transcends the here and now into a deeper universal truth, and is characterized by an intangible mysticism that embeds itself in the written word.

—Metaphysical Fiction & Metafiction

About the author

Author Vladimir Hlocky

My name is Vladimir Hlocky. I specialize in a book genre called metafiction, which seeks to transport you into a surreal realm of wonder and beauty by breaking the fourth wall between the text and the audience.

The sole intention of my work is to bring out-of-earth, enlightening, joyful and fresh experiences to you.

I sometimes use the term Mindventure. It’s essentially the work of metafiction, adventure, and metaphysical fiction, all clumped together. It’s like the apex of childhood magic.

In addition, as a reaction to the psychedelic renaissance that is happening in the US, each story is adapted to be read in altered consciousness. You can use cannabis or microdose psychedelics to truly become immersed.

Vladimir Hlocky

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journeys beyond earth volume 1 paperback