About Vladimir Hlocky

My love for exploration ever since childhood inspired me to begin writing what I reflect to be my life’s work; Journeys Beyond Earth, a collection of writings meant to capture the human heart in immersion, taking it on a journey. Now nineteen, I have found my life purpose very soon in life – to bring people to authenticity and love by overwhelming them with beauty. Journeys Beyond Earth are my service to humanity, to every fellow dreamer, solemn idealist, and enchanted romantic, and their sole intention is to bring forth an out-of-earth, raw, transcendental experience.

I now live in the Czech Republic, where I am at work on the Second Volume of Journeys Beyond Earth, the next edition of immersive writings that will be released around fall 2021.

You can always visit me at www.vladimirhlocky.com.


Reading in altered consciousness

You may have noticed that cannabis is becoming legal again in the United States of America as well as in other places. As an author, I cannot look past this. Please, feel free to skip this section if you are not interested in this trend.

As the first author in history, I offer readers a voluntary option to skyrocket their imagination. Using slight doses of cannabis holds the potential of increasing your immersion in the stories by a thousandfold.

First and foremost, please act according to your country’s regulatory laws, your past experiences, and your mental state. I do not encourage the use of cannabis without one’s own research and full responsibility.

Got it? Alright. Now…

Originally the writings were sorted into three categories based on their difficulty to read in altered consciousness: Low, Medium, and High. This categorization had nothing to do with intricate vocabulary, dangerously appealing twists in the sentence structure, or any other writers’ mumbo jumbo. It was simply your likeliness to say at the end of the story, “What?”

I have removed the categorization since, and I recommend using a minimal dose in all cases instead. This is because if a high gets too strong, you may have trouble reading and focusing on a story. The solution is to lower your dose.

Also, while many people report that a high enhances their reading abilities, it may not work for others. If a high interferes with your ability to read, consider that the cannabis high is not only induced by THC. Its character depends on various other substances. This is known as the entourage effect of cannabis. Leaving all the convoluted chemistry aside,  you may feel drowsy and tired rather than concentrated and able to read or understand spoken language.

Although I have removed the original difficulty categories, each writing requires a slightly different approach. Again, I recommend you start with a minimal dose and eventually trudge your way up.

Some writings are very easy to read. They defy logic and reason and resemble the mystical beauty you carry inside yourself. I like to call them the frontrunners of voyage because, in a way, they take you the furthest beyond Earth. They are highly abstract and contain almost zero concrete information, such as names, places, or linear continuum, all of which are easily forgettable in altered consciousness. They call upon your highest self. When reading them, remain perfectly in the present, appreciating one sentence at a time. Pluck them like flowers and absorb them as if the past and future did not exist. Learn to love the magical, mystical now.

Other writings contain concrete and tangible information that is easily forgettable in altered consciousness, such as characters, places, and objects in general. Writings in this category resemble a classical three-dimensional story continuum the most.

Last but not least, some writings sit somewhere in between.


Holotropic breathwork

If you are against the use of cannabis but still want to attain a powerful state of immersion, you may be interested in the practice of holotropic breathwork; a method of breathing developed by Stan and Cristina Grof. I encourage you to research the technique, the process, and inherently the dangers associated with it.

If done properly before reading, mere five minutes of this technique will induce ground-shaking states, in which you will understand the writings intensely, for you will be connected to your imagination. It is by far the most profound breathing technique I have come across in my life, but feel free to use your own.

It was developed by psychiatrists Stanislav and Christina Grof in the 1970s, when the Grofs became interested in altered states of consciousness. The method was developed for achieving a psychedelic state without a substance, i.e., sober, through breathwork alone.

Holotropic breathing is usually practiced in a group setting led by a trained facilitator, but equally as powerful states can be achieved at home. Prior to writing Journeys Beyond Earth, I have undertaken a solo 60-day marathon, and the results were unexplainable.

You can find more about the technique, the process, and the dangers related to it (e.g., hyperventilation) at www.holotropic.com or by Googling around.


Additional notes

In the First Volume of Journeys Beyond Earth, everything is very much for the first time. I have experimented with short sentences and long sentences, with simplicity and symbolism, with various forms of writing. Each story is tailored to rouse an aspect of life’s limitless wonders in the reader. Many of the writings are inspired by my own real-time experiences. (Yes, travelling to the Center of the Earth is possible, but it requires a psyche ripe in self-development, a tint of childlike thinking, extreme presence of mind, and almost an absolute level of surrender.)


The Forthcoming Volumes

Upcoming editions of Journeys Beyond Earth are to be expected yearly towards the end of the year. This is a lifetime project, and therefore further research, feedback, and tinkering with the format are invaluable to me.

To freely quote Harry S. Truman’s phrase, it is my deep conviction that we have reached the turning point in the long history of our efforts to guarantee a freedom – a freedom to self-explore, to heal ourselves through and to dive into our own imagination. I appreciate your effort to spread the work.


Audio publications

Narrated versions of Journeys Beyond Earth are possible in the future, though releasing audio books is a process that needs to be done well. It will largely depend on the renaissance I bring to the table.


Final acknowledgements

Special thanks go to, among others, to J. R. R. Tolkien, Terence McKenna, Martin L. King, Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, and Konstantin Simonov, whose sayings, quotes, or their derivatives have appeared throughout the book each once. Can you find them?