Preface & Instructions

by | JBE, Volume 1

Greetings, traveler. Welcome to Chapter Zero.

Consider me a line of text and for what it matters, your guide. Please, seat comfortably and allow me to steer the wheel of imagination. Just read. Sentence after sentence, follow my lead. I will be your light on the darkest of seas.

But first, let’s clarify what Journeys Beyond Earth are about. In the most basic sense, they are a collection of writings meant for two eyes at a time. They are like spacecraft with a single pilot seat, meant for self-exploration. They should be relishing, enlightening, fresh and fun reads. They are meant to be chewed upon, contemplated, felt rather than thought through; they are inherently a text-represented window to your imagination.

For whom, well – for a tribe of my own kind; the fantasists, the childlike, the wondering. As a dreamer the entire world drags you down. Get real, they say. Stop being naïve. You’re too idealistic. You’re impractical.

I’m like you: ridiculed for basking in my imagination my entire life; for being amazed like a child by the wonderful world within. I came to tell you that your imagination is real. It’s like love, the most real thing you’ll encounter in your life. You’ll cry of happiness when you see it. Should you adhere to the next paragraphs – you will.

Imagination is what you came to live for, isn’t it? You crave it.

This book is meant for you. Just for you. It’s time you are proud of yourself, of your courage to dream. Journeys Beyond Earth call for a tint of romantic idealism, an innocent childlike psyche not afraid to self-explore, and a deep sense of appreciation of beauty.

Journeys Beyond Earth seek to give you intimate, penetrating, reflective, even transcendental experiences. They are your imagination. Touch it, bask in it, let go of anything but its presence. My purpose here is to simply mend the cord between you and your imagination. Whether you accept the invitation is up to you.

Yes, you may skip this preface, but I advise you to remain with me just a little longer. To help you reach the wonderful world within, every single writing is endowed with a set of instructions. It’s mandatory you follow these instructions. I’m not kidding you. Remarkable stories don’t have to come in chapters. They can have the same impact on one page – but the instructions are the difference between having an epiphany or leaving your imagination’s potential hanging. Let’s run over them in detail:

One should get into a clear-headed, tranquil mood before reading and set a positive intention, which helps to bestow the right atmosphere. Repeat the intention, feel into it. As a dreamer, you have this tremendous ability to speak it from the bottom of your heart. You will find applicable intentions in each instruction set as well as manually selected music.

The provided audio tracks are clickable via hyperlinks in the digital version of Journeys Beyond Earth but can be manually found online if the videos are missing or blocked in your region. Simply search for them on YouTube, Spotify, etc. Sound is more than half of the experience. If not stated otherwise, it is recommended you let the music unfold in the background. Some tracks will be shorter than the stories themselves. Therefore, set them on repeat if needed. If music is causing a distraction while you read, you can play it beforehand to get a grasp of the writing’s ambience.

In some writings, you are given the option to choose from multiple tracks or to play two tracks consecutively. Tracks marked with a star sign should be played when the ★ appears in the text.

By the way, ambient audio tracks work just as well, if not better, at immersing you in the experience. Every handpicked music can be substituted by your favorite ambient track, such as instrumental or natural sounds — these tracks usually last for dozens of minutes.

This seals the word about instructions.

With them now resolved, finally a word of notice about the forthcoming volumes of Journeys Beyond Earth. I plan to release a new collection yearly while tinkering with the writings’ length, number, format, and evocativeness. This is a lifetime project; one I consider my life’s work. May Journeys Beyond Earth bring you to love and authenticity by overwhelming you with beauty. When I ought to read them from your point of view, may they provide the intended value. This life, however, I sit behind the creator’s desk.

What will the next pages uncover is entirely up to you. Let them dissolve your sense of reality, bask in their atmosphere, let your imagination wander. Return to them as often as you please. Let the lines guide you, and appreciate you were born to experience them. This is the climax of your life. Enjoy it. I’ll help you.

You can also join our community at, where you’ll find great minds which think alike. We are voices of hopeless dreamers, tireless idealists, and impractical romantics. You’re not alone. We are your tribe. Apart from this refuge, you can find me at

Remember, this book should not be read frivolously. You should always stick to the intention to experience beauty when reading Journeys Beyond Earth.

I hold one last advice: For a while, forget about everything. Let go of commonplace trouble. Breathe: Let a bubble appear in time, perfectly sealed from your highest aspirations. Within this book, there is no place to perform a search of any kind. Everything is prepared for you. Do not seek transcendental experiences, do not seek revelations. Instead, be perfectly filled with what is written. Let the text construct reality.

Strap your seatbelt and flip the page, whereat awaits the first writing, the Pocket Universe.