Preface & Instructions

by | JBE, Volume 2

A year has passed, and my words have grown wiser. Writing this volume of Journeys Beyond Earth has been nothing but venturing on exotic safaris in my mind. It cleaved its way through lush jungles, roped down opulent temples, found treasures there and brought them back to you in the form of these stories.

There’s no going back now. The Second Volume is full of extraordinaire journeys; of epoch-making experiences that, with a bit of effort, you’ll undertake yourself.

Please, seat comfortably and allow me to steer the wheel of imagination once again. Sentence after sentence, follow my lead. I will take you beyond Earth. This year’s stories are more grandeur, more beautiful, and even more powerful. Feed them to your curious imagination, devour them like you’d devour a cake.

When reading be extremely present and remember who you are: a dreamer, an idealist, a romantic. What troubles the humankind does not reign over you here. Shed and shred rules. Your life has led up to experiencing these texts. Let them flow without judgement.

Following Volume One’s legacy, every single writing has a set of instructions. You’ll be asked to set inspiring music, think of positive intentions, relax and be present, possibly to even alter your consciousness. That’s because you aren’t about to read a mundane set of short stories. Journeys Beyond Earth are about creating holistic experiences that your imagination brings to life, inducing a feeling of wonder and awe, of being on an adventure.

You are now ready to undertake your first journey. You may flip the page and start reading, allowing yourself to feel relaxed and safe.


*Important note: In order to upthrust their immersion, readers are presented with the voluntary option use cannabis before reading. If you acknowledge the rising trend of legalization as a valid tool for exploring imagination, please continue reading further.

Journeys Beyond Earth, the first collection of short stories to do so, openly discloses that using a slight amount of cannabis before reading may increase your immersion in the stories by a thousandfold.

Although many people report that cannabis enhances reading abilities, it may not work for others. If a high gets too strong, you may have trouble reading and focusing the story. Moreover, if a high interferes with your ability to read, consider that the character of cannabis high depends on various other substances. This is known as the entourage effect of cannabis. This means you may feel drowsy and tired rather than concentrated and able to read or understand spoken language.

Note that I encourage you to act according to your country’s regulatory laws, your past experiences, and your mental state. I do not encourage the use of cannabis without one’s own research and full responsibility.