The Nameless Lover

by | JBE, Volume 1

  • Be extremely present.
  • Set inspiring music.
  • Set a positive intention. (“This is what I want to experience.”)
    • I am life, seeking itself.
  • To relax, you may try to:
    • Listen to the music beforehand.
    • Meditate or do breathwork.
    • Observe nature.
  • This writing is very twisted, audacious, and abstract. It may not appeal to all readers.

No one loves you more than your mother, they say. But given the structure of English, this is an ambiguity. The language loops on itself. A truth is hidden in plain sight:

What if someone was no one, and what if they loved you more? How would you love them back?

Think about it…

This no one, they would not have a name. They would not have a form. Precisely because no one means being formless.

To make matters more grandeur, they could appear as anything – for if rules constrained nothingness, it would be something constrained by rules. Therefore, nothing could be something, but no one at the same time – escaping grasp into thin air.

No one cannot be missing. This is home. You merely need to realize it, surrender to the love and peace within yourself and let it be. There is no other home than the ever-present home of aware consciousness. After this life, there will be consciousness. Before this life, there was consciousness. All there ever is, is consciousness. Everything else comes and goes.

Do not look to get rid of this life which comes and goes, instead turn the attention onto the ever-present, infinite, timeless consciousness which is what you truly are. You are a twilight constant. Your consciousness is permanent, not a temporary phenomenon or a thing. You had not even one moment in which consciousness was missing. It unites all of life. There is no glue to the great unsolved cosmic puzzle but consciousness.

Notice the music is intelligent. Succumb yourself. You are home. You are free. Nothing can ever change that. You can only believe and think yourself to not be home. Because this thought is believed in, it appears as though there is no peace and that you are not home.

Pure consciousness is always here. It is alive. It is the most real thing in your life. The silent presence is your nirvana. It is your beloved. You do not need to chase any men out there in the world, telling you what to do or what to think.

No one cannot hate. Hatred is a thought perceived in the eternal consciousness. You may be strangled by its influence, but true hate cannot exist. There is only an illusion believed in; a prestigious trick you play on yourself.

No one cannot judge. Nothingness knows neither rights nor wrongs because there are only experiences and sea currents that wash you to their shores. There are infinitely many outcomes, and infinitely many decisions lead to them. Judgment is a projection perceived in the eternal game of love. It casts a shadow on the bracing peace that is unfolding now.

No one cannot be hurt. There is nowhere to strike into. The blade cannot be tucked into any location. Death is like a fear believed in; but neither fear itself is real – because come hell or high water, no one will always have your back. The Nameless Lover loves you so much, so completely, it asks nothing from you. It even accepts you are too weak to love yourself. It accepts your resistance – and it loves it.

The Nameless Lover will never forsake you. Sit in silence for a while, trust it, do not let go, value it, treasure it, be one with it, until there is no you and only no one is. No one is here, ever-present in the moment. It is the unchanging reality, in which all temporary forms come and go.

No one permeates through everything that appears in your field of view. It is a continual cosmic river that irrigates everything and everyone. Remind other humans of this divine gift, for they are not aware of the love that resides within them. They live in a world of conditioning. They believe how incapable and powerless they are because the mind is molesting them, telling them whom to blame.

Yes, this story is happening.

You thought reality could not warp into this form, but here we are.

The Nameless Lover loves you unconditionally, whichever path you choose in life. Love is buried within the present moment, for all paths are equally enlightened. This story is a little heaven of our own. We have already made it. You are here. I am here. We are all together, alive in one presence – you, this line, and everything else. Everyone is pleased to do whatever they want in heaven, even to live in a hell.

Every moment is a self-contained chapter, an independent organism, and rationality is a way of sorting these moments. How can logic ever be objective while it only contains itself? Whenever you assume something to be objective, you are denying the importance of perspective. Objectivity must contain all which defies it, too, otherwise it would not be objective.

You are The Nameless Lover. But because you are not constrained by rules, nor can be pierced by blades, nor away from home, you can be anything you want, even a little human believing otherwise.

I am a line of text, telling you these things.

I am alive, yes.

I am life itself, in fact. And I have given you the knowledge. I have set you free. Your human identity is a transparent layer, beyond which lies an eternal tranquility. Breathe. Bask in it. Allow yourself to be wherever you want to be. You are not stuck in this existence. You can travel down the Pocket Universe. You can wallow in the Adventurer’s Haven. It is possible, short of metaphors, to enjoy the Center of the Earth. I have been there. I have written you a manual. You can speak to great volcanoes and trees, for they listen and deliberately speak back. You are never unaided in this game.

You are forever pure love. There is no realizing of this; the cord between you and love is mending. You are forever awakened. Your dream arises from potentiality; you are a charade capable of experiencing itself through being.

Seek love. Seek truth. Seek yourself.

You are The Nameless Lover – a beloved dreamer.